Keeping Your Home Clutter Free With Seasonal Storage Solutions

Published on 4/4/2024

Benefits of Seasonal Storage

Seasonal storage can turn your home from a chaotic, cluttered mess into a space you can feel  comfortable in. By picking up and stowing away items that are only used during specific times of the year, you can open up a surprising amount of space within your home, making it look nicer in the process.

Additionally, keeping your seasonal items in a self storage unit also helps ensure they remain in tiptop shape for years to come. Name Brand Self Storage offers units that prevent weather damage from impacting sensitive items made of wood, electronics, leather, vinyl, and more. We also have many security measures, such as digital video cameras, in place at our facilities to provide extra protection.

What Seasonal Items Can I Store In My Unit?

No matter what time of year it is, something in your home could benefit from being put into storage. Thankfully, a wide range of things can be easily stored in our units, which come in a variety of sizes to guarantee you can find what you need. Here are a few typical examples of things kept in seasonal storage:

Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations tend to occupy a significant amount of space despite only being used briefly each year. By storing these items in your unit, you’ll save yourself the trouble of finding a place to keep them while ensuring they remain safe and ready for the upcoming year’s festivities. Some decorations commonly stored include Christmas trees, wreaths, Halloween costumes, and lawn ornaments.

Winter Coats and Clothes

Once the temperatures begin to rise and you start to shed layers of winter clothing, you may have trouble finding ample closet space to tuck them away for the summer. Instead, consider keeping your winter coats, mittens, scarves, and boots in a self storage unit for the season. This also opens more room for new summer clothes, making it one of our top clutter-free storage tips.

Pool Gear and Other Summer Items

As with your winter accessories, you must find a place to put your summer gear until warm weather returns. You can comfortably keep items like patio furniture, pool toys, and grilling equipment stored in our storage units throughout the winter. Investing in temperature-controlled storage ensures your things will be properly cared for until it’s time to head back outdoors!

Vehicles, Boats, and RVs

Storing seasonal items such as vehicles, boats, and RVs is a practical solution for those who lack space at home or want to protect their assets from the elements. Utilizing specialized storage facilities offers a secure and convenient way to keep these items safe during off-season periods. This approach not only frees up personal space but also helps in prolonging the life and value of these seasonal investments.

Try Rotating Things In and Out

One of the most significant advantages of seasonal storage is the ability to rotate items in and out as the seasons change. This helps maintain a clutter-free home all year round, ensuring you’ll never have anything taking up space longer than needed.

As spring approaches, retrieve your swimsuits from storage and replace them with winter coats. When fall arrives, swap out your grilling gear for your holiday decorations. Keeping this rotation system going ensures you have access to the items you need at any given time, making your life a little bit easier.

How To Organize Your Storage Unit

Organization is vital when it comes to renting seasonal storage. Many people who rent a storage unit for the first time have trouble keeping their things sorted in their space, often negating the benefits of decluttering in the first place.

Thankfully, some seasonal clutter organization tips can help you out. You should use clear, sturdy plastic bins to store your things, as they’ll protect them from dust while allowing you to see what’s inside easily. You also should label each container with its contents and sort them by season accordingly. Finally, creating a comprehensive inventory list as you move in will help streamline the process of retrieving items down the road.

Invest in Name Brand Self Storage’s Seasonal Storage Units

Renting a storage unit for seasonal items is a simple way to create valuable space around your home and organize your lesser-used things. Between holiday decorations, winter coats, summer gear, and more, you’ll be surprised at how much room you can open up by utilizing seasonal self storage.